Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ketti Gallian

Ketti Gallian was born December 25, 1912 in Nice, France. She went to Paris in 1927 and found work as a chorus girl and mannequin. Returning to Nice, Ketti secured minor roles in two Les Studio Paramount films. However, it was her performance opposite Raymond Massey in the London stage production of The Ace, a mystery, that resulted in a screen contract from Fox. Perhaps they thought they might have another Dietrich or Garbo. Ketti was starred in Marie Galante (1934) and Under the Pampas Moon (1935), neither of which were well received. She seemed to suffer the same fate as Lilian Harvey, who just didn't click with American audiences. Ketti returned to France after supporting roles in Espionage (1937) and Shall We Dance? (1937). She made 6 more films before leaving the screen forever in 1956.

Ketti died in Paris, France, in December 1972.

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Three early publicity stills.

Marie Galante frame grabs.

Marie Galante publicity still.

Marie Galante Swedish poster.

Publicity still.

Cigarette cards.

Publicity Still.

Three publicity stills for Under the Pampas Moon.

Frame grabs from Espionage.

Publicity still.

Ketti Gallian - What do you think - Allure?